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Employability and Earning Capacity Assessment

An Employability and Earning Capacity Assessment evaluates an employee’s economic loss as a result of an injury or handicap that results in job termination. It is an assessment of an employee’s education, qualifications, previous work history, work-life expectancy, current medical condition, and residual abilities. It is used to determine an employee’s future earning capacity in comparison to their pre-injury/disability level of employment and income. Employability and Earning Capacity Assessment can also be used to find any jobs available in their area in accordance with their post-injury abilities

Vocational Rehabilitation Planning​

Vocational rehabilitation is characterized as a process that supports people with disabilities to prepare, maintain and gain meaningful employment by providing a range of services depending on an individual’s job goals. Our Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselors work hand-in-hand with job seekers to identify their employment goals and then arrange for assistance which can lead to successful job placement in their field of study.

We also assist people with disabilities to prove their eligibility to the relevant government agency so that they may gain the benefits of vocational rehabilitation. The simplest method to do this is to demonstrate that the individual is receiving SSI or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance).

The first step in the vocational rehabilitation planning process is to evaluate an individual's abilities and interests by conducting interviews and administering tests. Once the career goal has been identified, we help to develop a customized plan to achieve those goals. We will also provide ongoing assistance till the client achieves the goals he has set for himself.

Job Seeking and Interviewing Skills

At Stein Vocational Services, we can help you create a visually appealing and articulate resume, as well as research and prepare for interviews. We would assist you with highlighting your relevant experience, education, and skills, and customize them specifically for the position that you are applying for.

When you are seeking a job, researching and preparing for the interview is an integral part of the process. You need to have an understanding of the company’s core values, culture, goals, and vision as well as the responsibilities that come with the job.

We will help you gain a better understanding of your strengths and provide you with the right tools to effectively communicate with the interviewer. This includes tips on appropriate attire, body language, and communication style. We will also coach you to answer common interview questions and provide feedback on your responses.

Professional networking and social media platforms such as LinkedIn are excellent ways to showcase your achievements and experience. We will guide you on how to network on social media so that you can exponentially increase your chances of gaining employment.

Job Placement Services

At Stein Vocational Services, we connect job seekers with job opportunities on the basis of their skills and knowledge. We understand that job searching is a strenuous process; thus, we strive to identify jobs that are a good fit for you in accordance with your skills and career objectives.

Our expert career counselors will collaborate with you to identify areas for improvement and will offer you personalized help and direction throughout the job search process. From resume and cover letter writing to interview preparation, we are here to help you showcase your skills and land your dream job. Along with providing one-on-one support, we also offer an array of online resources and tools to help you succeed with your job search.

We conduct webinars and workshops on a number of topics such as networking, salary negotiation, and career advancement.

Additionally, we help businesses determine their workforce requirements and locate the most qualified applicants for their open positions. We have the tools and know-how to assist you in finding top talent, whether you're a small business owner trying to hire your first employee or a Fortune 500 corporation with hundreds of jobs. We are committed to helping job seekers and companies succeed. Our ultimate goal is to create a strong and thriving job market where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Expert Deposition and Court Testimony

Undoubtedly, taking the witness stand is an important expert task that could possibly mark a turning point in a case. However, there is a crucial step that must be taken before approaching the courtroom, and it is expert deposition. It is much less glamorous than providing testimony from a witness stand but equally important.

In a deposition, an attorney would gather information from you to prepare for an upcoming trial. Testimony in a deposition is recorded by a court reporter and is part of the official transcript. It is, therefore, as important as testimony at trial. 

Even though a judge is not present during the deposition, your testimony during a deposition might be read in court if there are any discrepancies in your statements during the trial and deposition.

In court testimony, you would be typically asked to provide your opinions on matters related to the case and may be asked to provide explanations or demonstrations to help the jury understand complex or technical issues. You may also be cross-examined by the opposing party's attorney to challenge the credibility of your testimony. We will guide you on how to feel confident and well-prepared when giving testimony so that you can deliver accurate and reliable testimony. We will review the relevant subject matter, help you practice answering questions and discuss strategies for handling difficult or challenging questions. We will also coach you in public speaking and effective communication to make sure that you can convey your knowledge and expertise in a clear, concise, and confident manner.

What sets us apart from others?

The founder, Brett Stein, has extensive knowledge and training in a range of legal topics, which is one of our distinctive features. His expertise assures our clients that they are in good hands and their cases would be managed by someone who has a deep understanding of the laws and complexities involved. Additionally, having an experienced founder allows us to serve clients facing a variety of legal challenges. This versatility is a major selling point for potential clients looking for a firm that can handle all of their legal needs.


Our clients rely on us because of our extensive experience and training in legal matters, as well as our dedication to providing personalized and effective representation.


Our quality is top-notch because we have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent legal services to our clients.


We are dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients and will stop at nothing to ensure that they receive the representation they deserve.

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About Us

Stein Vocational Services  is dedicated to providing a wide array of consulting services to individuals and businesses. Our services include vocational evaluation, earning capacity, job coaching, career counseling, and vocational case management services. We take pride in our ability to handle complicated matters with professionalism and expertise.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, personalized solution that is tailored to their needs. We offer honest and unambiguous advice to our clients after listening to them and understanding their objectives.

The founder, Brett D. Stein, is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), Certified Job Coach and Employment Specialist, and Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioner, from the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. He is known for being a skilled negotiator and is committed to assisting his clients in obtaining the best result in their legal or employment-related matters.

He has worked extensively on personal injury, workers' compensation, marital proceedings, motor vehicle accidents, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination cases over the years. His clientele includes individuals, insurance companies, plaintiff and defense attorneys, employers, injured workers, and rehabilitation service providers. His ability to analyze complex situations, break down intricate problems and provide practical solutions is unparalleled.


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